Public Classes & Workshops

TUESDAY MORNINGS: Lexington Center For Recovery (Out Patent)
9:30 am. If you or a loved one is seeking out patient services for substance abuse / dependancy please contact Lexington Center directly at (845) 369-9701

THURSDAY MORNINGS:  Senior Yoga at the Town Hall, Township of Washington, NJ
11:00 am
Please contact the Township to register at (201) 644-4404

FRIDAY MORNINGS: Vision Sports Club, Pearl River, NY
8:30 am Serenity Yoga for All Levels. Check it out.  Vision Sports Club

SATURDAY MORNINGS: Vision Sports Club, Pearl RIver, NY
9:00 am Classic Yoga for All Levels.
VISION SPORTS CLUB offers weekly passes and has great rates. VisionSportsClub.Com

Sunrise yoga at Emiline Park in Haverstraw. Right below Casa Hudson
Coming in Summer
 ​​​​Custom Classes for Groups & Individuals
Group Classes: Schools, Orginizations, Rehabilitation facilities, Hospitals, Friends, Etc...
are "all- levels" as instruction is modified to accommodate all class participants regardless of experience or level of expertise. These sessions can also be modified to accommodate a particular group of students. For example: Gentle, prenatal or working through illness such as MS, Fibromyalgia or arthritis. Classes for institutiosn are designed for group dynamics such as; dementia, parkindsons and or any movement disorder state.

Group classes are less expensive than joining a gym or studio but still vary based on time of day, distance and number of participants.  We can easily  facilitete group classes in 15 minute increments  to suite the population we are teaching. We carry full insurance and are vetted  / bonded with the New York Shcools and hospitals.
As for space, a yoga mat measures 2x6'. you need just a few inches between mats.

Private Classes are ideal for those who want to begin a yoga practice but feel uncomfortable stepping into a studio with out experience of alignment of poses or the etiquette. Or if you have timing constraints. Semi private classes are also available if you would like to practice with a small group of friends or family
Private classes are $65 per hour
Semi-Private classes start at $100 per hour 
Yoga therapy classes are $165 per hour. Packages available.

Corporate Group Yoga is everywhere now.  Large and small companies alike are seeing the benefits of healthier employees who have increased focus, memory, patience and acceptance. Not to mention an all around better outlook! Yoga classes can be in the lobby, an empty office, the cafetieria.
Corporate yoga usually meets twice a week for one hour sessions. A series of six weeks is recommended to gain all the benefits. Yoga “levels the playing field” and helps employees see each other as humans rather than an hierarchy.
When humanity is in the workplace, there is integrity in the work.
Corporate yoga starts at $100 per session based on travel time. Assistance is provided in promotion and payment options.

Corporate Workshops and Events are a unique way to deliver your company's vision. 
Start a kick off meeting with yoga class designed for team building or bring in a writing workshop on goal setting before the big brainstorming project.
Ending company retreat days with yoga shows you care and is a "giving back" that everyone can participate in. There is more to company outings than golf and spas!
Looking to bring a workshop into your company or orginization? Let's brain storm together or choose from some popular topics and prices


Ma Yoga Studio

Community Service

Seva (Volunteer Programs)
If you are partnered with an orginization that helps improve your community, we want to help you. If you wan to start your own orginizaion, we want to help you.
Consider brining in a volunteer or not for profit yoga program to those less fortunate. Many people face the challenge of poor health, lack of resouces / finances or limited communication skills.  If you can provide a committed space, we can provide the committed teachers (and insurance) to help those in your community.
Please speak with us about your goals. Contact Us Here