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Discover Your Personal Best
Guided Journaling Workshop-Uncover your hidden potential while rooting out how past experiences may still stifle you. 

Group discussion involves how we emotionally evolve as individuals from in eutro through adult hood and them some. 
In yogic theory we look at the chakras or energetic body and visit some buddhist exercises to assist in liberating our thoughts and goals. 

Now the work begins! 
Individuals will look at twelve important areas of their  lives. Tearing them down and re-building them  to their highest personal potential through a guided journaling exercise. Learning  how to free trapped beliefs and limitations along the way. The work is personal and not shared with anyone.

Each participant will come away clearly understanding what they ultimately want  and need from their life, what holds them back and  the individual steps to get them there.  

This 2  hour workshop is recommended for groups interested in goal setting, self study, life changing events.
A slow stretch yoga session is recommended for 30 minutes prior to commencement.
Yoga Alliance CEU Credit  certificate available for yoga teachers
$30 per participant. Minimum 8 students

Yamas & Niyamas
Bringing the ethical guidelines and moral codes of yoga into daily living. 
a map of "Right Living" for all walks of life. The Yamas  (Principles)  are the compliments of the Niyamas (observances) we  use to guide us through life's joys and challenges. Bringing balance, tolerance and acceptance into each corner of our life experiences.
This workshops explores how we use these ethics as a life path and how they polish personal growth. Regardless of age, from 5 years to 105 years, everyone who is exposed to the yamas and niyamas begins to use them effortlessly. Life reveals itself through these ethics. 

This 1.5 hour workshop recommended for everyone.  Teens and Tweens will highly benefit in particular. Includes a 30 minute all level yoga session and is Yoga Alliance CEU credit certificate available for Yoga teachers
$25 per participant Minimum 8 students

Meditation: Styles to Help You Develop a Life Long Practice
The benefits of meditation are numerous. A greater sense of calm, reduced stress, lower cortisol levels and better sleep are just a few. People who meditate have better focus and concentration abilities than those who do not.  If you are looking to learn the basics, this is the perfect place to start.
This workshop will allow you to develop a meditation practice of your own. We will explore three different types of meditation
Guided Meditation
Transcendental Meditation (TM)
Anapanasati Meditation
Wear comfortable clothes as we will incorporate some gentle yoga as you learn to meditate. You can sit in a chair or on  the floor. No prior experience is necessary.  This makes a great gift for some who could use a little inner peace and focus.