1. Star Kay White Inc
    Star Kay White Inc
    Corporate Yoga Program
    Since bringing in YogaPro in 2010 to teach corporate yoga classes, I am happy to say we have a healthier workforce. Our employees love the classes after work right on site and as a company, it is great to offer the perk. We knew yoga would help us physically but we have noticed more focus at our workplace as well. The programs have brought us closer, recognizing each other as people rather than employees. Every company should have a program like this
  2. Suzanne Joyce
    Suzanne Joyce
    Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Esquire
    Nancy’s teaching resonates with me not just because of the accessible sequencing of poses, but of the things she SAYS during the class. She’ll say something and I’ll connect with it and it just enhances my experience in a pose. Thank you, Nancy!
Mary Modafferi Partridge

Psychotherapist LCSW, RYT​​

YogaProYtt is unlike any other yoga program in the Rockland/Bergen area. Nancy Mahon, owner and director of YogaProYtt, understands yoga as a healing modality. Nancy's mission is to bring quality education into the yoga community. She does this by offering extensive trainings for yoga teachers and unique, specialized classes for her students. As an experienced yoga teacher, Nancy knows what is missing from traditional teacher training and offers trainings to reach the community's needs. As a yoga teacher and psychotherapist, I truly appreciate Nancy's knowledge and enthusiasm. Last spring, Nancy brought a training for Yoga for Breast Cancer to Rockland County from the Mayo Clinic. After completing this training I have a greater understanding of the physical and emotional needs of this population. Yoga teachers should always be prepared to meet the needs of their students, Nancy's trainings educate teachers with a strong knowledge base supported by her warmth  and compassion. Nancy recently completed a 3 day intensive program with Bessel van der Kolk, author of "The Body Keeps Score" to increase her understanding of trauma and the benefits of a yoga practice. This is who Nancy is, the eternal student, curious and dedicated to yoga and the community. YogaProYtt  offers something more than traditional teacher trainings. I have and am excited to continue my yoga teacher trainings with Nancy. I invite all yoga teachers and yoga therapist to explore YogaProYtt, you will be amazed at how much there is to learn!

Avon Corporate Headquarters USA

Onsite Yoga at work from Yoga Proytt has been great!  Nancy is a super instructor and handles the varying skill level in my group of colleagues.

Jola, Principal Scientist, Avon Products, Inc.